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The Career Launch Boot Camp

A Customized Program & Special Pricing to Support Students Affected by The COVID-19 Pandemic

Designed to Build Focus & Confidence For College Students


A Proven Approach to Job Search Success

1-on-1, Expert Support

An Effective Strategy

Tools Designed For Today's Market

"This process actually increased my confidence and self worth. To be honest, I have felt overwhelmed about taking the next step in life. But, now that I have completed the lesson about the personal equation I feel relieved. I am already feeling more confident about myself and my abilities and how to get what I want." Staci H.

Included With The Career Launch Boot Camp

Note: We've extended our standard 30-day service window to 90 days as part of this offering, to ensure your student has the support necessary to experience results through our program while home-bound.

Two Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching

"Career coaching" means different things to different job seekers. Some use it for interview preparation; others use it to gain clarity around their career goals and to refine their job search strategies.

No matter where your student needs support, they'll have another trusted adult in their corner to help manage uncertainty.

Your student work 1-on-1 with their coach, and they'll also reap the benefits of having a U.S.-based, boutique team of career experts behind them!

We're here to walk them through the process and decision-making involved in effectively launching their career.

Master Resume

Your student's designated resume writer will do all the heavy lifting through our proven process. A Master Resume will be crafted according to best practices and using a framework that scores well with modern ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Think of it as a data repository that captures everything your student has done that they'll want to share with potential employersThis is a living document — a tool that can be easily maintained and tailored for any number of job opportunities as their career evolves.

Job-Specific Resume & Cover Letter

Next, we’ll performance tune your student's resume for a job listing of their choosing. A resume writer will help make all the judgment calls in terms of what to include, adjust, and omit from their resume based on your student's job targets, and will perform all work related to the refinement of the document.

We’ll also scan the resume with our proprietary software to ensure it ranks well against a select job listing. Our resume writer will also complete a custom cover letter to match the job-specific resume. Your student will have everything necessary to apply for a specific job opportunity. Last, we'll provide the insights essential to customizing additional job-specific resumes as needed (check out our course content below)!

Full-Service LinkedIn Profile Update

We'll perform a full-service, section-by-section revamp (or first-time build) of your student's LinkedIn profile. We find that recruiters spend 50% of their day performing keyword searches for potential candidates on LinkedIn, so it’s essential that the profile aligns with career paths your student is interested in. By populating your student's profile with content-rich, keyword-rich information, we'll ensure their profile ranks well and receives the attention your student needs throughout their job search.

Community & Camaraderie

Distance, without the feeling of disconnection. We bring soon-to-be job seekers together in weekly group coaching sessions for additional support and collaboration throughout the process. A seasoned coach will lead students in exploring relevant career topics during each structured session, and participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and gain additional perspectives.

Topics include: Virtual Networking Strategies, Solidifying Your Unique Selling Proposition, Preparing For Interviews, and more!

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We'll Identify Job Leads For You

To help your student go further, faster in their job search, we'll identify 3 job opportunities aligned with their PE (Personal Equation). Using preferences when it comes to location, company size and type, industry, and other important factors, our experts will create a list of job leads that can be used to jump start your student's job search efforts. This is provided at NO ADDED COST.

"I truly wish I started my job search with this program. I can see where I made mistakes, such as using a shotgun job search. I've enjoyed both the group and 1-on-1 coaching, and have learned a LOT!!!" Julio R.

Lifetime Access to Our Strategy Courses!

This course content ensures success throughout the hiring process by supporting students with key skill and strategy building. Our courses are self-guided, and include action guides and worksheets to help students master important career concepts. Your student will have lifetime, 24/7 access to the content  including any enhancements we introduce in the future.

Course #1: How to Find Your Dream Career

Our first course is extremely comprehensive – it includes 5 modules, 20+ action guides, and 2 dozen videos (lessons are short, 2-15 mins in length). We teach two key objectives: How to find work you love and enjoy, and how to play the game of securing that next opportunity. Mastering these concepts and using them to build a strategy is where the rubber meets the road in any early career job search.

Module 1: Top Performer Secrets & Bad Behaviors to Avoid

Module 2: Navigating Gatekeepers

Module 3: Resume Customization & Tailoring

Module 4: Networking & Making Meaningful Connections

Module 5: Mastering LinkedIn & Your Web Presence

Course #2: How to Ace The Interview

Our second course is designed to make sure students connect the bat with the ball during the interview process. It’s shorter, lasting just an hour and a half, but in that time we share all the mistakes that job seekers make during the interview process, as well as interview logistics, Q&A preparation, and navigating job offers and compensation negotiations. We also share all the secrets of standout candidates so that students can emulate their good behavior. 

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: Interview Basics

Module 3: Logistics

Module 4: Types of Interviews & Preparation

Module 5: Follow-up

Module 6: Job Offer

Module 7: Trying Again

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($747 value) for $497 Today

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