Our Proven Process

Having worked with thousands of job seekers over the years, we have created a structure proven to be extremely effective regardless of industry or profession. Our team of experienced career consultants will do the heavy lifting for you, working with you 1-on-1 to apply best practices to career tools designed to help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Choose Your Package

Upon purchasing the right package for you, you'll receive a welcome message from our team outlining how to get the best results from our time together.

If your purchase included our strategy courses, you'll receive instant 24/7 access to the content.

Remember: The concepts shared in our course content are just as essential to your success as a strong resume!

7. Purchase select your package
8. Kick off Questionaire

Step 2: Kick-Off Questionnaire

Tell us about your goals, job targets, and upcoming job search, as well as key details about your career story.

We ask thoughtful, focused questions to ensure we understand your vision for the next chapter of your professional career.

Step 3: Meet Your Career Consultant

Leveraging the details you've shared on your questionnaire, we'll hand match you with the right expert from our team.

You'll work directly with your consultant and start the process with a phone call to review the plan for your project.

* If you've purchased our Platinum package, this is also when you'll schedule your Winslow personality report coaching session!

9. Phone Conversation
16. How to land the dream career_blue

Step 4: Engage With Our Course Content

While our team gets to work, you'll complete video lessons from our course content. This will ensure you're able to build a modern job search aligned with your unique goals. We'll teach you proven principles for bypassing gatekeepers and resume "black holes," so that you can land work you enjoy. 

Step 5: Master Resume Delivery

Your resume writer will deliver the first draft of your Master Resume following your first call with your resume writer. Your new Master Resume is a foundational document, serving as a data repository of everything you've done in your career.

1. Master Resume_ Light hand
10. Resume Revisions

Step 6: Master Resume Revisions

Together, you and your resume writer will apply adjustments to your Master Resume draft in alignment with industry best practices.

This step in the process typically requires two rounds of revisions, performed over a 7-business day period.

Step 7: LinkedIn Profile Update

Once you approve your Master Resume, we'll perform a section-by-section revamp of your LinkedIn profile.

By populating it with content-rich, keyword-rich information, we'll ensure your profile ranks well within LinkedIn's search rankings, while also demonstrating your professional value.

6. Linkedin Profile Update
4. Job Specific res&Cov_brown

Step 8: Job-Specific Resume & Cover Letter

Your resume writer will deliver a first draft of your Job-Specific Resume and Cover Letter, tailored for a specific job opportunity.


* Additional job-specific documents can be prepared for an additional fee, but remember: Our course content provides the tools and training you need to customize your resume and cover letter on your own!

Step 9: Job-Specific Item Revisions

You and your resume writer will apply finishing touches and changes to your Job-Specific materials. This step in the process typically requires two rounds of revisions, performed over a 5-7 business day period.

3. Cover Letter_green
5. Thank You Letter_light_envelope blue

Step 10: Complete!

The average job seeker takes just 7 to 14-business days to complete this process. We provide a full 30-business day service window as part of your package. Options for additional time can be reviewed with our team!


You'll always have lifetime access to our course content, as well as preferred pricing on our services in the future as a member of the Sound Advice Community.

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