1-on-1 Coaching

Expert Support, Guidance, & Strategy-Building

While it might feel like it's never been harder to find a job (much less a dream job), you can navigate today's increasingly difficult job market with the right support. Whether you're looking for an expert partner to think through strategy, achieve clarity around the next chapter of your career, or to help with other considerations, our team of career coaches is here to help!

Here's What's Included

Two Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching

"Career coaching" means different things to different job seekers. You may prefer to use this time for interview preparation, or gaining clarity around your career goals, job search strategy, or negotiating your next salary. No matter where you need support, you'll have a trusted expert in your corner to help you move forward strategically, and with confidence.


You'll have a partner by your side to walk you through the process and decision-making involved in effectively transitioning your career.



12. 1 on 1 coaching

How to Find Your Dream Career

With the benefit of our course content, you'll be able able to make more progress during your sessions with your career coach. Our first course is extremely comprehensive – it includes 5 modules, 20+ action guides, and 2 dozen videos (lessons are short, 2-15 mins in length). We teach two key objectives: How to find work you love and enjoy, and how to play the game of securing that next opportunity. Mastering these concepts and using them to build your strategy is where the rubber meets the road in your job search.

What You'll Learn


  • Types of recruiters, how to work with/get noticed by them
  • How different sizes/types of companies recruit, select, and work with top talent
  • Scripts and templates for job-search success


  • Who you know, how to ask for a favor,  and making meaningful connections
  • How to stand out, be remembered, and name drop effectively
  • Connecting with decision makers and successfully using LinkedIn
  • Conversation starters and weekly job-search checklists

Web Presence

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Why and how to use LinkedIn as a Job Board
  • Social Media and the Internet
  • The Dream Career Fundamentals Assessment
16. How to land the dream career_blue

"It's not just career coaching, it's Sound Advice! Thanks to the course content, I have the insights I need - these courses are an AMAZING resource. I will look forward to completing additional coaching with my coach, John Beaman, in the future! The Sound Advice team are easy to work with and are a wonderful resource no matter where you are in your career.  It’s been an amazing experience working with the Sound Advice team."

— Alaine Garcia, Business Intelligence Analyst

Get The Support Your Need!

Join the thousands of other job seekers we've helped find work they love and enjoy. 150+ recommendations on LinkedIn can't be wrong — choosing Sound Advice Careers for support with your job search is a no-brainer.

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