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Tools, Strategy, Skill Building, & 1-on-1 Support

Whether you’ve been laid off or furloughed, determining the next chapter can feel daunting during these uncertain times. The good news: With the support of a career coach (and job search strategy and tools to match it) you can gain some control of your career in the months to come. This program will help you get there!

  • Two Hours of Career Coaching

  • Two Strategy Courses

  • 4 FREE Bonus Tools

  • Master Resume

  • Job-Specific Resume & Cover Letter

  • Full-Service LinkedIn Profile Update

Here's What's Included

Two 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

"Career coaching" means different things to different job seekers. You may prefer to use this time for interview preparation, or gaining clarity around your career goals, job search strategy, or negotiating your next salary. No matter where you need support, you'll have a trusted expert in your corner to help you move forward strategically, and with confidence.
You'll have a partner by your side to walk you through the process and decision-making involved in effectively transitioning your career.
12. 1 on 1 coaching

Master Resume

Your designated resume writer will do the heavy lifting for you through our proven process. Your Master Resume will be crafted according to best practices and using a framework that scores well with modern ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Think of it as a data repository that captures everything you've achieved in your career from inception to date. This is a living document — a tool that can be easily maintained, customized, and tailored for any number of job opportunities.
1. Master Resume_ Dark hand

Job-Specific Resume & Cover Letter

Next, we’ll performance tune your resume for a job listing of your choosing. Your resume writer will help you make all the judgement calls in terms of what to include, adjust, and omit from your resume based on your target, and will perform all work related to the refinement of your document.


We’ll also scan your resume with our proprietary software to ensure it ranks well against your job listing. Your resume writer will also complete a custom cover letter to match your job-specific resume. You'll have everything you need to apply for a specific job opportunity. Last, we'll provide you with the insights you need to customize additional job-specific resumes all on your own (check out our course content below)!
4. Job Specific_Resume & Cover Letter

Full-Service LinkedIn Profile Update

We'll perform a full-service, section-by-section revamp of your LinkedIn profile. We find that recruiters spend 50% of their day performing keyword searches for potential candidates on LinkedIn, so it’s essential that your profile can be identified in the right searches (those related to job opportunities you will love and enjoy). By populating your profile with content-rich, keyword-rich information aligned with your job targets, we'll ensure your profile ranks well and receives the attention you need throughout your job search.

6. Linkedin Profile Update

"I got a lot more than what I paid for."

Wanting to shift from sales into project management, Scot needed more than a resume. Watch this video to learn how we helped him build the strategy, outlook, and confidence required to make a big career change.

We've Helped Professionals From

Lifetime Access to Our Strategy Courses!

Ensure your success throughout the hiring process with the skill-building and strategy you need to be successful. Our courses are self-guided, and you'll have action guides and worksheets to help you master the concepts we teach. You'll have lifetime, 24/7 access to the content — including any enhancements we introduce in the future.


Course #1: How to Find Your Dream Career

Our first course is extremely comprehensive – it includes 5 modules, 20+ action guides, and 2 dozen videos (lessons are short, 2-15 mins in length). We teach two key objectives: How to find work you love and enjoy, and how to play the game of securing that next opportunity. Mastering these concepts and using them to build your strategy is where the rubber meets the road in your job search.

What You'll Learn


  • Types of recruiters, how to work with/get noticed by them
  • How different sizes/types of companies recruit, select, and work with top talent
  • Scripts and templates for job-search success


  • Who you know, how to ask for a favor,  and making meaningful connections
  • How to stand out, be remembered, and name drop effectively
  • Connecting with decision makers and successfully using LinkedIn
  • Conversation starters and weekly job-search checklists

Web Presence

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Why and how to use LinkedIn as a Job Board
  • Social Media and the Internet
  • The Dream Career Fundamentals Assessment
16. How to land the dream career_blue

Course #2: How to Ace The Interview

Our second course is designed to make sure you connect the bat with the ball during the interview process. It’s shorter, lasting just an hour and a half, but in that time you’ll learn all the mistakes that job seekers make during the interview process, as well as interview logistics, Q&A preparation, and navigating job offers and compensation negotiations. Learn all the secrets of standout candidates so you can emulate their good behavior. 

What You'll Learn

How to Get The Most From This Course

  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Content Overview

Interview Essentials

  • Purpose of Interviews
  • Arranging an Interview

Q&A Preparation

  • Q&A Preparation
  • Acing the Interview
  • Types of Interviews
  • Types of Questions
  • Interview Questions and Answer Examples
  • Addressing Discrepancies
  • Interviewee Questions
  •  Recognizing Inappropriate Questions


  • Staying Top of Mind
  • Phone Calls
  • References
  • Thank You Notes

 Job Offer

  • Knowing When to Accept
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Making a Decision
  • Weighing Your Job Options

When It’s a Swing and a Miss


"I found Sound Advice's eCourses to be extremely helpful and with many key takeaways; in particular, I'm very glad I learned the right approach to networking I'm looking forward to putting everything into action during my search for a position in real estate development."

— David Pilz, Project Manager

You'll Also Receive These Helpful Bonuses!

We've designed these bonuses to ensure that you make effective, meaningful progress at EACH phase of your job search. Get clear on what you want to have, do, and be. Set goals you can truly take action on. Hit all the right marks during your job search and track your activity effectively. Finally, when you land multiple offers, analyze them and make a decision with 100% confidence! These bonus tools are included for FREE with this offer.

Smart Goals Guide

Bonus #1: SMART Goals Action Guide

Your goals don’t need to be long or complicated – they need to be SMART!

Many people have worked with SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) as it pertains to business or fitness, but never their careers -- that all changes with this guide! We will teach you how to create smart goals as they relate to your professional goals and objectives, as well as your job search strategy as a whole.


Bonus #2: Vision Board Action Guide

Create a tangible representation of what you want to have, do, and be.
Stay focused on what matters to you. We’ll help you complete one of the most powerful mental exercises you can do: a vision board! Establish what your vision is, what motivates you daily, and keep track of your most important hopes, dreams and aspirations. We'll show you how!
Job Search Checklist

Bonus #3: Job Search Checklist & Activity Log

A step-by-step checklist to tackle every phase of your search.
We’ve all been there: Somewhere between your second interview at one company and your fourth email to another, you realize you never confirmed times for that one call, you applied for the same position twice, and you forgot to submit that set of references on time. This Job Search Checklist is designed to help you to avoid “gotchas,” blind spots, and easy-to-forget items during every step of your job search.
Job Option Analyzer

Bonus #4: Job Option Analyzer

Make a decision and feel 100% confident that you did the right thing!
When you follow the methodology we promote at Sound Advice, chances are that you will have more than one job offer on the table during your job search. Our Job Option Analyzer will allow you to compare two job offers and take the emotional component out of weighing your options. It’s formulaic and easy to use, asking targeted questions to guide you toward the right decision for you, your family and your career.

Working With The Right Coach Makes All The Difference

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