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Protect your company from the consequences of “bad layoffs.” By “bad,” we mean layoffs that are perceived as unfair by your team and have a lasting negative ripple effect, putting significant distance between you and your goals. Lead your team through workforce changes by setting your affected employees up for success.

Mini Course

Included in Our Program

One-on-One Coaching • Self Assessment & Clarity • Optimized Tools • Strategy & Skill Building

 Our four-pronged approach addresses critical success factors overlooked by other services, ensuring that your affected employees can move forward in a positive direction and that you can better engage your remaining team members.

Four Hours of Career Transition Coaching

"Career coaching" means different things to different job seekers. No matter where your employee needs support, they'll have a trusted expert in their corner to help manage uncertainty.

Personality Assessment & Profile

With the help of a Winslow Personality Assessment and Profile (nearly 40 pages of insights!) your employees can enhance their decision making and chart action plans to manage uncertainty. 

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Strategy-Building Course Content

Our courses are self-guided and designed to help job seekers build the strategies and skills essential in today's employment landscape.  Mastering these concepts will reinforce the success of your employees. They'll gain lifetime, 24/7 access to our videos, action guides, and worksheets.

1. Master Resume_ Dark hand
Master Resume

This is a living document — a comprehensive history that can be easily maintained and tailored for a number of job opportunities. It's a data repository with a framework that scores well within Applicant Tracking Systems.

4. Job Specific res&Cov_brown
Job-Specific Resume & Cover Letter

We'll performance tune a resume and cover letter for a specific job listing. Your employee will have everything they need in order to apply for their next opportunity. We'll provide insights key to customizing additional job-specific resumes via our training content.

6. Linkedin Profile-90 angle
Full-Service LinkedIn Profile Update

By populating the profile with content-rich, keyword-rich information aligned with your employee's job targets, we ensure job seekers receive the right attention on LinkedIn.

We Help Answer The Question "So Now What?"

"I currently work in the travael industry which has been hit HARD by the ripple effect of COVID. What will the future hold? It's hard to say. However I can confidently state that through the help of Sound Advice I am becoming mentally prepared to step forward into the unknown (and possibly end up better through it all!). I now see so many opportunities as achievable, that I previously would have assumed myself to be unfit for. Thank you for all you do!"

- Rebecca Wissman, Sound Advice Careers Program Alumna


Let Our Team Help
Manage The Change

Layoffs, furloughs, and other reductions in force (RIF) are never pleasant and are always traumatic, right now more than ever. Providing outplacement support signals to onlookers (remaining employees, future hires, and beyond) that you see your staff as people, not as line items on a budget.

Avoid bad press, build your employer brand, and support your employees in exploring new opportunities with the help of our team today!

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Choose Sound Advice Careers for outplacement support while you focus on the future of your company.

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