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The Real Secret to Determining What Employers Actually Want to Hear

Composing the perfect cover letter and online profile can be incredibly difficult—more difficult than most think. Crafting sentences, cohesiveness, language, and your delivery is a lot like homework (the kind you put off until absolutely necessary). Writing about yourself is hard. Presenting your talents based on what an employer is looking for can feel even …

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How to Write a Resume: Sound Advice Careers

How to Write a Resume

Here’s how many job seekers update their resumes: They add their most recent credentials They make it chronological They worry about the font and formatting They add meaningless “fluff” words to sound important They fudge a little and claim they’re “detail oriented” when they know they aren’t They do what they’ve always done. What they’ve …

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Getting the Right References: Sound Advice Careers

Getting the Right References

When it comes to the job search, references are typically more about validating a company’s decision rather than adding content or value to an application. In many ways, references are your clincher. The company has probably already decided they want to hire you and just want to clarify that they’ve made the right choice. So …

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