Colorado Industries & Companies Hiring Right Now

If your career has been impacted by the current coronavirus crisis, don’t lose hope. While hiring has slowed compared to rates we observed six months ago, the idea that “companies aren’t hiring right now” is a myth and an unnecessary roadblock to your success.

There are still opportunities to be had (and not just with Amazon!). We surveyed the Colorado job market and created this summary of industries hiring right now, complete with resources so that you can locate open positions today—now’s the time to start your job search!


Tech companies are hiring during COVID-19 across the country, specifically in Denver and its surrounding areas. These companies are focused on growth, and aren’t slowing down their innovation.

In-demand roles and skill sets in the tech type space:

  • Data Analytics
  • Product Manager
  • Software Engineering

Built in Colorado and AngelList are helpful resources for learning more about these opportunities and what to expect in the ever-changing world of tech.

Health Care

Health care companies are looking to add skilled and experienced people to their teams to help directly combat the pandemic. These companies have seen an uptick in using telehealth to safely communicate with patients, and are looking to fill positions ranging from marketers to drive their new telehealth initiatives, to physicians who can aid patients.

In-demand roles and skill sets in the health care arena:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Telehealth Positions
  • Physician’s Assistant

The Colorado Hospital Association provides a great network for job postings and helpful resources for learning more about these opportunities and what to expect from different companies in this critically important industry. 

Retail and Grocery

Large retailers, both in-person and online, are hiring thousands of workers amidst the pandemic. Grocery stores, being deemed essential businesses throughout the entirety of COVID-19, have also been ramping up hiring to accommodate for increased traffic.

In-demand roles and skill sets in the retail type space:

  • Supervisors
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Personal Shoppers

ABC Denver and 5820 Magazine are helpful resources for learning more about these opportunities and what to expect in this essential industry that is actively hiring.

Public Sector

The state of Colorado has a wide range of both temporary and permanent positions open, even throughout the pandemic. These jobs come from a wide array of departments, ranging from education to the judicial branch.

These departments are actively looking for qualified candidates:

  • The Department of Natural Resources
  • The Department of Human Services
  • The Department of Transportation

The State of Colorado has a job board that acts as a helpful resource for learning more about these opportunities and what to expect in a temporary or permanent job in the public sector.

As you expand your job search into any of these industries or company types, remember: the jobs you see posted online only make up a tiny fraction of the positions companies are hiring for right now. To tap the underground job market and get on the radar of companies, you’ll want to leverage the power of the human touch and making meaningful connections as part of your strategy.

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