Re-entering The Workforce
in Less Than 30 days

Molly was a powerhouse in her space and was itching to get back in the game after taking maternity leave, but she knew things had changed.

It had been 5 years since she has written a resume, and after applying for several jobs and not receiving responses, Molly wanted to resolve the lack of confidence she felt was holding her back. She wanted to tackle the changing job market head-on and land work she loved.

Molly's Career Snapshot

  • 12+ years in Financial Services

  • Strong Leader & Trainer

  • Skilled in Operations & Compliance

Her Situation

  • Re-entering Workforce

  • Lacking confidence

  • Applying & receiving no response

How We Helped

  • 1-on-1 Support

  • Updated Job Search Strategy

  • Targeted ATS-compliant resume

A Whole New Approach
to Job Searching

Molly completed the lessons in our strategy course, "How to Find Your Dream Career." By walking through our self-paced training, Molly learned how to:

  • Define her personal equation for the next chapter of her career

  • Apply a focused strategy aligned with her goals

  • Build meaningful relationships with decision makers

How to land the Dream Career
Resume & LinkedIn Support

Resume & LinkedIn Optomization

Molly worked with her designated resume writer to rework her resume and LinkedIn profile so it was ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimized as well performance tuned to the job requirement and companies she was applying to.

When finished, she felt proud of her resume and LinkedIn Profile and was confident in putting them out there to the world.

Coaching & Interview Preparation

After she completed her tangible deliverables (resume and LinkedIn profile, Molly spent time with her designated Career Coach who helped Molly formulate and articulate her USP (Unique Selling Proposition). They then spent time role playing so Molly could walk into an interview with true confidence knowing she was properly prepared.

9. Phone Conversation

Six Opportunites & 40% Salary Increase

After purchasing and going through our Gold Package, Molly applied for 12 role and received responses from six employers. She interviewed with three companies, and accepted a role (in under a month) for 40% more than she had previously earned.


"“I was skeptical at first, I’ll admit. But within days my investment with Sound Advice was totally worth the money. I still apply what I learned from the training program about making connections in my job today."

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