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"Jason's recommendations regarding my career management (being bold and brace), resume refresh (highlight accomplishments and experience, and quantify results), and my job search approach (network, reach out directly to hiring managers, and step out of my comfort zone), have boosted my confidence and willingness to shake up things. As a result, my job search has changed into an honest, introspective exercise about my talent, worth and abilities. And with Jason's help, I've improved my interviewing capabilities, which is a necessary skil for an HR professional.

If anyone is seeking an inspirational, highly energetic and knowledgeable career coach/counselor/champion, Jason is your man. Reach out to him for his advice, and take time to invest in his courses which will lead you to career nirvana. I continue to use the courses as my guideposts, and call Jason when I need a shot of positive mojo during my journey."

- Amy B.


Our coaching services are meant to provide you with incredible value. As such, the following is a breakdown of our pricing per hour:

1-3 hours of coaching is $175/hr

4-6 hours of coaching is $150/hour

If you purchase one of our packages such as the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, coaching is $125/hour

To get started with one hour of career coaching, please click on the button below. If you would like more than one hour of coaching, please email [email protected] and indicate the amount of coaching hours you would like.

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"Regardless of age or experience level I would recommend investing in career coaching by working with Jason Hill and Sound Advice. You will benefit both as person and professional."

- Anney J.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started?
As soon as we receive a notification of your purchase, we will assign you to your designated Sound Advice Careers Career Coach. From there, you will work with your coach to decide which days/times work best for the both of you.
Can I work with a career coach remotely?
Absolutely! Our career coaches are fully capable of coaching through the phone or through video conferencing.
What can I do with career coaching?
Proper career coaching can help all areas of your carer. We can help you prepare for interviews, utilize interview role-playing techniques, help define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), determine what the next chapter of your career should look like, discuss how to present past career events (getting fired, gaps in employment, etc.), and talk through a variety of other career-related matters that are specific to you and your needs.
How much does career coaching cost?
Career coaching starts at $175/hour. If you would like to purchase 4 hours of coaching or more, you will receive an hourly discount.
How long does a coaching session last?
Each coaching session is designed to be one hour long. If you would like more time, please email [email protected]

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