My Resume Keeps Going into The Black Hole! Help!

In this video blog, we share why your resume keeps going into the black hole and how our methodology can help you get directly in front of decision makers at top employers!

A few quick words on the resume black hole and applicant tracking systems:

Applicant tracking systems work a lot like search engines such as Google. Recruiters, HR screeners, and hiring managers search for job candidates using keywords, just like you would search for the best dry cleaner or pizzeria. Rather than sort through a pile of hundreds of applicants, they can use search criteria to create a short list of candidates matching exactly what they are looking for.

Your resume will be ranked by applicant tracking systems based on both keyword rarity (skills and credentials that are in-demand and less likely to be found in talent pools) and keyword density (the number of keywords in your document overall that align with the job function being hired for). This is how you end up in the black hole: Your resume fails to demonstrate experience, skills, and keywords matching the criteria being searched for, and as a result is down ranked and does not appear on the shortlist (the equivalent of Google’s page one top ten search results; no one looks beyond page one!).

Even top candidates can land in the black hole and as a result, are overlooked because their resumes fail to rank well within the applicant tracking system!

Our team can help you beat the ATS, but better yet, we can help you sidestep the black hole and gatekeepers in the first place!

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