Relocation & a Dream Job

Like many job seekers, Josh found himself faced with a job search he didn’t quite know how to tackle. 

He’d relocated to Colorado after being in New York City for four years. Josh had made the leap knowing that the economy in Denver was strong and with the belief that he was going to find a job right away. Josh had been looking for work for months and had been on several interviews that led nowhere.

Josh’s Career Snapshot

  • 5+ Years in Market Research

  • Experienced in Consumer insights

  • Analytical problem solver

His Situation

  • Relocated to Denver

  • No network

  • Needed to land a job!

How We Helped

  • Updated Job Search Strategy

  • Clarity & Skill-Building

  • 1-on-1 Interview Coaching

Our Sound Advice

Achieve Razor-Sharp Clarity

Josh got started with our first strategy course, "How to Find Your Dream Career." By walking through our self-paced training, Josh learned to:

  • Set and prioritize his career goals

  • Gain clarity about his non-negotiables (his personal equation)

  • Go through the “side door” of companies, instead of company job portals


“Learning not to compromise and prioritizing what’s important to me by using Sound Advice's frameworks has been huge. Your training and coaching were supremely helpful in leading me on the right path.”

Learn to Interview Like a Pro

Josh mastered key interview techniques through our second course, “How to Ace The Interview”:

  • Strengthened his communication skills

  • Learned to ask questions to move conversations forward.

  • Mastered how to say the right things, in the best way possible.

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20% Salary Increase & The Dream Job!

After purchasing and taking the time to go through our Job Search Strategy Training Courses, Josh received a job offer after his very first interview coaching session. Ultimately he accepted a role with a Denver-based Market Research company using techniques from our course to negotiate a 20% salary increase over his previous role.


"My boss, team, and the growth potential at my new firm is exactly what I wanted."

Want to ace your interviews?
Our training and support can help!

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