Launching Your First Job Search? Here’s How to Do It

This summer, we’re running a special series of content for students and new grads.  As we move along the series, we hope to answer any questions you have on resume/cover letter writing, reaching out to employers, networking, knowing yourself as an professional, and everything else in between!

You may be entering your last year of college, finishing up an internship or freshly graduated, and wondering “So now what?” 

How can you search for your first job in a way that ensures you stand out from the crowd? 

Three little words to focus on: clarity, strategy, and presentation. Let’s take a closer look at how we’ll help you dive deep into these areas and make strides in establishing yourself in the professional world.


Entering this new phase of your life can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. But it’s important to begin to clear the fog by understanding yourself. There are many misconceptions about newbies and what you have to offer the workforce. But guess what: you have a lot to offer! 

Check out our post “The 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Even Think About Job Searching” – we’ve designed it to help you realize your potential and begin forging your new path!

This is your adventure, so it’s time to begin thinking about what you really want and what you can offer (with or without a lot of professional experience).


You’ve probably heard about the underground job market. Likewise, you or someone you know has probably landed in a resume “black hole.” Having a strategy will help you tap into that underground market and stay out of that black hole.

Our upcoming guide will help you understand how to optimize components of a modern job search strategy and move your future right along!

We’ll go beyond talking about networking and show you the keys to navigating gatekeepers and standing out in the professional world.


We know writing resumes, composing cover letters, and talking with other humans can feel intimidating and difficult. 

Our team will be sharing everything we know to help you how to best present yourself (online, in-person, and on the page) and “wow” employers at every touch point.  We want you to feel confident and put your best foot forward when entering the workforce.

The important thing to remember is that you’re on your own path, so give yourself the time to breathe. You will always have something to offer, something to show the world, and something to give everywhere you go—wherever you go. But everyone needs a little help, so follow us on our socials and tune in!

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We look forward to helping you build your professional toolbox (and overall confidence!).

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