Why You Need a Dedicated Work Space

There are plenty of reasons why professionals need their own work space, and it’s not just for when they don’t have an office to call their own.

If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a place to focus during your day job or staying organized while you’re in the middle of a job hunt, here are some of the reasons why you need a dedicated space.

During a Job Search

Helps build your professional network

Of course, you aren’t limited to your home when it comes to finding your own work space. Entrepreneur writer Priyanka Krishnan highlights the rise of coworking spaces as another good option for those who prefer non-traditional office set-ups. This could be particularly useful for job hunters too, as building a career can feel like a job in its own right. Moreover, IndustriousOffice.com details how coworking spaces are great for meeting like-minded professionals, potential collaborators, and even clients. It opens you up to an entire network you wouldn’t otherwise meet at home. And at the very least, surrounding yourself with people who are just as eager to be productive can certainly inspire you to send in another job application or two.

Allows you to take a break

Like we aforementioned, job hunting can be stressful, even for the most confident and prepared people. After all, waiting for calls and replies to emails, is only going to make you feel a little anxious. Sadly, it’s not healthy nor is it productive to spend every other minute refreshing your inbox. To help, The Balance recommends treating a job hunt like work, taking breaks when you need it. Again, this is hard to do when your personal space and work area are one and the same. By separating your work space, it’s easier to walk away from your desk or turn off your laptop for a moment. Go outside, take a breather, or call a friend for a quick breather. That email you’re waiting for won’t come any faster.

During Your Day Job

Increases productivity

There’s an ongoing work space trend right now called “hot desking,” which basically entails sharing communal desks with other employees. Although it has benefits like lowering overhead costs for companies, it can make the environment seem more cramped and distracting. True enough, a study on Inc. found that these open offices are ineffective in promoting productivity and collaboration, as people end up spending more time talking on their gadgets instead of communicating on a personal level. That being said, having your own space at work should provide you with the right balance between privacy and being social. Plus, you get to really concentrate on what needs to be done.

Separates work and life for remote workers

While remote workers enjoy flexible schedules and never have to battle the morning traffic, the lifestyle isn’t always so glamorous. After all, when your home is your office, it becomes a lot harder to separate work hours from personal time. An article on Harvard Business Review warns that the lack of boundaries can easily lead to excess stress and burnout. So having your own “office” at home—even if it’s just a desk in a quiet corner of your house—can make you less tempted to take your deadlines with you to your bedroom.

All in all, a dedicated work space can help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently. From added motivation to control any distractions, a personal desk can provide all that and more.

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By Roxy Jade

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