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"It was great taking Jason's e-course during my last semester in college as it helped me take a different approach to the job market, which, in turn, allowed me to find an excellent career that I thoroughly enjoy. If you are in the job market, I would highly recommend Jason as a career coach. Not only does he have the experience to back him, but Jason is a great leader who really desires to see his clients succeed."

- Jason R.

" I took the course and found it extremely enlightening and feel that it has set me up to succeed in the professional world. I learned tricks and details that I had never heard before from career guidance in college or from anybody for that matter. The course is thorough and not only were the videos helpful, but the worksheets that came along with each section were of tremendous guidance. They helped me take the information I learned from the videos and apply it to my specific situation. I recommend that anybody, regardless of age and career, who is looking for a leg up on the competition in their career hunt take this course."

- Avi R.

"Jason is a true expert when it comes to hiring. His ability to break down seemingly complex hiring processes and his sharing of foolproof tips make securing your dream career entirely possible, regardless of your background or current position."

- McKenna K.

"After spending a solid forty days applying for jobs and getting zero results, I stumbled across Sound Advice by Jason M. Hill. I watched the first couple of videos and could not believe how different his approach was compared to what I was doing. Everything I had done in the past to “land a job” was completely obsolete and working against me. After taking his course and implementing the techniques I learned, I interviewed with three companies and got the dream job I was looking for. His videos don’t just help you find a job, they teach you the tools to find a career that best suits you and your family. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a career and not just another job."

- Chris M.

"Jason’s course helped me understand the intricacies of navigating today’s job market. After taking the course, I have gained a significant wealth of knowledge, and I now feel that I have an improved comprehension as to what recruiters and businesses look for when selecting potential candidates. Anyone in search of a more suitable and rewarding career will benefit from taking Jason’s course."

- Emmanuel M.

"I recently took Jason's online e-course on how to find your dream career and it was fantastic. Jason's course provided me tons of insightful information that I was able to put into practice immediately. If you are looking for help with your career I highly recommend you take Jason's course - you won't regret it."

- Jennifer T.